MJ Editorial

Welcome to Sheffield – a vibrant and resilient city with big ambitions.

Sheffield City Council is looking for a new Chief Executive to help it take its next big step. The city has been moving rapidly in the right direction over the last few years and is now ready to reach its potential as one of England’s great cities.

Historically known for its steel manufacturing; that steely determination runs through the city, from the diverse communities proud to call it home, to its strong and effective partnerships and through the many enterprising and dynamic companies who have made their base in a city that wants to grow in a way that benefits everyone. It is a city driven by its values of fairness and hard work, a place modestly proud of its achievements and how it has transformed itself, but also a city that knows that its best days are in front of it.

Whoever fills this role will be taking on a council that works well but understands the challenges it faces. It wants to be the best to be a city for everyone in Sheffield – a great place to live, learn, work and enjoy.

Sheffield City Council Leader, Cllr Julie Dore, says: “We are a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, nestled on the edge of the Peak District, and the city’s beauty takes those who visit by surprise. It is a city that I’m proud to call home and one that has a lot to offer, but also one that has its challenges, some of which will be amplified following the Covid-19 crisis. We all recognise the challenges we face and I want a Chief Executive who will join us to tackle those head on, building on the work of our previous Chief Executives.

“This role is not just about leading the organisation, but being prepared to highlight just how great a place Sheffield is, to give us a voice not just locally but nationally as well. Sheffield is a brilliantly authentic, fiercely independent and resilient place - and we need a Chief Executive who can help us grow in confidence and highlight all we have to offer.”

The third largest city in England, Sheffield is developing itself as an advanced manufacturing and technology economy. A city that has the ingenuity to tackle climate change; seeing social justice and the environmental sustainability of its economy, places, communities and way of life as fundamental to its present and future; for doing things differently high on its agenda.

High on this agenda is a new devolution deal working its way through Parliament bringing new powers and funding to support the local economy; tackling the inequalities faced by its most vulnerable residents; and now the City’s recovery and renewal following the COVID-19 crisis.

Current Interim Chief Executive Charlie Adan said: ‘SCC is a good council striving to be great. It has achieved a huge amount but needs to take that next step so that it achieves its real potential. It can be a pioneer with a grasp on being a 21st Century Council, working in partnership and leading the way.

‘Sheffield is ready to grasp that across the leadership, the cabinet and across the wider city, striving to make the place better.’

Cllr Dore, agrees, saying: ‘We are looking for someone who can understand people; a leader who can enable and empower our workforce to utilise their strengths and challenge them to be even better.

Charlie added: ‘They will be the Chief Executive of a big organisation that has to run smoothly. People depend on our services and they will be leading a council with 7,800 employees, with another 5,000 indirectly employed by the council. We have superb staff who are ready and willing to meet new challenges and we want someone who can get the very best out of them.

‘The Chief Executive will be representing the city and need to be outward facing and comfortable on the national stage with the confidence to let others step forward and shine.

When it comes to working with the politicians, Cllr Dore does not want a wallflower, or someone who will just agree with their political masters. “I want someone who will be assertive on behalf of Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council is primed for the future with solid foundations, services and people and the right partnerships in place. Now it needs a Chief Executive with the experience, knowledge and skills to take it to the next phase.